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Why Should You Remodel Your Entire Home in the Fairfield, CT Area?

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It may feel like selling your current home and moving is the only way you’ll get the home that works for you and your family. But what if the home you need and want can be accomplished with a whole home remodel, without having to move? If your home just doesn’t feel like a good fit anymore but you can’t quite figure out why, use this guide to identify your pain points to best be able to plan how to move forward. 


Why Should You Remodel Your Home?

You might be on the fence of whether or not to invest in a whole home remodel. After all, remodeling your entire home means you may or may not have to temporarily relocate for several months. You will also need to be committed to the process of making countless decisions and staying in close communication with your project manager. 

The upside? Your home will feel completely brand new without having to go through the grief of selling your home and the trying experience of finding a new home that will be unlikely to check all of the boxes off of your must-have list. Why else should you consider remodeling your entire home?

You Love Your Home But It’s Just Not Working

You’ve fallen in love with your neighborhood, your commute to work is ideal, or you inherited your home and can’t imagine selling it to move. Whatever the reason may be, your home is part of your family and you’d rather make it fit your current and future needs than say goodbye. 

If moving isn’t on the table, and you love your home, your community, or both, talk with a design-build team that will understand your situation and works with you to retain the parts you love and improve the parts that simply aren’t working anymore. 

Your Home Is in Disrepair

Sometimes it’s as simple as needing to fix things around the house. It could be cracked tile, faded flooring, corroded shower framing, old carpet, or all of the above. Bigger issues like a leaking roof or rotting floorboards can spur a remodel. These types of disrepairs help to pave the way to making big updates that result in a new space that feels fresh and current. 

Whether your home needs structural or cosmetic updates, it’s a great springboard for tackling bigger projects all at the same time. Regardless of the repairs your home needs, time only makes them worse. 

You’ve Outgrown Your Home or Will Soon

Feeling cramped in your own home causes frustration and discomfort. Expecting a new household member involves planning for how your personal space will decrease. Or perhaps the kids have grown into teens and need more space to call their own. Consider the addition of another bedroom, an additional suite, finishing your basement, or adding another story altogether. 

Your Home is Outdated

Even if everything is in working order and you have all the space you and your family needs, having old and dated finishes can make your home feel dingy, tired, and dark. Replacing your flooring, paint, cabinets, tile, and lighting fixtures can brighten up your space and make your home feel brand new. 

The Layout Isn’t Working

Your home may have areas where there’s bottlenecking. Is there not enough space in the kitchen for more than one person? Is the placement of the bedrooms awkward? Are too many people sharing the same bathroom? If the layout causes frustration or makes moving through your home feel like work, changing your layout can not only improve your space but also your mood. 

You’re Underusing Your Space

Having too much space in areas of your home can be as bad as not having enough space in other parts. The combination of the two is a clear sign that remodeling your layout can create a home that finally works for you and your family. 


Which Area of the House Is a Common Target for Remodeling?


Kitchens are commonly a pain point for homeowners. Cramped layouts, old finishes, worn appliances, and bad lighting plague older kitchens that act as a catalyst for whole home renovations. 


Starting your day in an old bathroom can set the tone for the rest of the day. It can completely change the way you begin and end your day when you update your bathroom with the latest finishes and smart technology to create an oasis right at home. 

Outdoor Living Space

When the weather warms and visitors are coming, having the extra entertaining space outside can relieve crowding so many guests indoors. Even more, an outdoor kitchen can be the difference between having everything you need outdoors to host an al fresco dinner party and running in and out of the house, possibly creating a mess on the way and missing out on social time. 


What Are the Renovations that Add the Most Value to My Home?

If you’re thinking about remodeling your entire home, it may be because you’re interested in adding value. According to the Cost vs Value Report, remodeling your kitchen can get a return on investment (ROI) of up to 70%. For some bathroom remodels, your ROI can reach around 60%. Adding a deck to your home can get a ROI of around 56%. 

The Cost vs Value Report considers each room on its own, that is, without context. So, when homeowners improve more than one room to update the entire home, this isn’t factored into the metrics the analysts at Cost vs Value Report calculate.  


The Next Step

If your home’s issues sound like any that have been discussed here, you and your family will benefit from a whole home remodel. After only a few months of completely updating your home, you will have years and years to enjoy your new home that works for your family in terms of space, style, and layout. 

Raymond Design Builders makes the process easy by having every phase contained within one entity–design, pre-construction, and construction. Remodeling with our team of designers, builders, custom cabinet carpenters, and staff means every member of the team is focused on your experience and your home remodeling goals at once. Contact Raymond Design Builders to schedule a consultation and discuss your whole home remodel. 


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