Mistakes to Avoid While Remodeling Your Fairfield, Connecticut Home

Mistakes to Avoid While Remodeling Your Fairfield, Connecticut Home

Are you considering remodeling your house in the coming year? Our Fairfield construction pros are happy to help! Over the years, we have helped many homeowners renovate their homes and make them more functional and beautiful. With all of those jobs, we have seen plenty of mistakes along the way. If you’re asking, “I want to renovate my house, where do I start?” we recommend starting with these mistakes, so you can avoid making them as you move forward with your remodel.

1. Not Being Realistic About Your Budget

Before you start a home remodeling project, take a good, hard look at the current state of your home. While there may be aesthetic things you want to address, make sure the functional items are working properly first. If you have a limited budget and you have a leaking plumbing item, that should be your top priority. If everything is functional, then take a moment to consider what areas are your most vital improvements, and start your plan with those areas. By carefully evaluating the state of your home now, you can choose renovations that add value to your space.

2. Going Too Trendy  

The people who do your project are one of the most important factors in the overall success of your home renovation. Make sure you choose a team that you can communicate with well, and who has a solid portfolio of before and after photos of jobs similar to the one you are considering taking on. Check reviews and past clients to see if you have chosen someone who has a good reputation.

3. Ignoring Your Home’s Architecture

The architectural style and structure of your home are things that you should work with, not against. You can upgrade a home, even an older home, while still keeping the home’s structure in mind. This is where working with a skilled construction firm will help you make wise choices.

4. Trying to Save Money with Cheap Materials

While budget is important, you don’t want to choose cheap materials when remodeling your home. Longevity is important, and the quality of the materials you choose has a large part to play in that. Choose high-quality materials that will stand the test of time, and you will be much more satisfied with your final remodeling job.

5. Ignoring Resale Value of Your Home

Doing the wrong things in your home renovation could detract from the value of your home. As you go over the details of your remodel with your Connecticut home builders, make sure you consider elements that will increase the value, not detract from it. For example, highly personalized built-in shelving may not add value, but design elements that make the home universally accessible could.

6. Failing to Plan for the Renovation Period

A home renovation job can be a messy experience. As you are learning how to remodel a house step-by-step, you need to plan for a mess. You may need to stay in a hotel for a few days during the biggest parts of the remodel, or you may need to plan to eat out when the kitchen is out of commission. Talk to your house remodeling contractors about what you ca realistically expect in the process, so you can plan accordingly before construction begins.

7. Ignoring the Details

There are many small details that go into a home remodel that can make your home truly perfect. If you ignore these smaller additions and details, you may end up needing to do additional renovation down the road. Think through all of the features you may want in your upgraded space, and see if you have the budget to work those into the design now. It’s almost always cheaper to add features during a major remodel than to come back and try to add them later.

8. Failing to Choose Contractors Carefully

There are many CT builders out there that offer home renovation services. Yet not all are going to deliver the high-quality services you want for your home. Take the time to interview several contractors to find one that fits your needs well. Compare prices and references, and take the time to look at their gallery of past jobs to find one that’s a good fit. Choose one that you feel you can work easily with and who has a good collection of past work you love.

9. Not Considering Future Needs

Don’t get caught up in what you want now that you forget about your future needs. If you are a young family, you might want an epic playroom, but will those features meet your needs when your kids are teenagers or when you are empty nesters? Choose changes that help now, and also in the future.

As you make plans for your home renovation, Raymond Design Builders would love to be part of the conversation. We have a team of design and build construction professionals who can assist with every part of the process, and we know how to avoid these common mistakes. Reach out to Raymond Design Builders today for a free quote for your home renovation, and see how we can help you create something beautiful.

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